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How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love Pre-Order Campaign with Ken Baker

Hi All! Happy Saturday & welcome to the next stop in the How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love Pre-Order Campaign. When you pre-order a copy of Ken Baker's upcoming release, you'll be entered to win a personal Skype session or a phone call with Ken himself! That's not all, there's an iPod shuffle, signed books and more to enter to win!  *see below under Giveaway*.  Fans have until 11:59 pm (PST) on April 22 to enter to win! When you pre-order, be sure to email Ken your final order at *You can forward an email, take a screenshot of the order page, attach a picture or pdf of the order. And you can order from anyone -- online, your local bookstore, your local chain store, or any retailer who sells books. The winning entry will be chosen from Rafflecopter. HELP SPREAD the word via #HowIGotSKinny

About The Book

“Thick. Heavy. Big boned. Plump. Full figured. Chunky. Womanly. Large. Curvy. Plus-size. Hefty.” To sixteen-year-old Emery Jackson, these are all just euphemisms for the big “F” word—”fat.” Living on a Southern California beach with her workout fiend dad, underwear model sister, and former model mother, it is impossible for Emery not to be aware of her weight.

Emery is okay with how things are. That is, until her “momager” signs her up for Fifty Pounds to Freedom, a reality show in which Emery will have to lose fifty pounds in fifty days in order to win the million dollars that will solve her family’s financial woes. Emery is skeptical of the process, but when the pounds start to come off and the ratings skyrocket, she finds it hard to resist the adoration of her new figure and the world of fame. Emery knows that things have changed. But is it for the better?


About the Author

Ken Baker is the E! News/E! Online Senior Correspondent and Breaking News Editor, an acclaimed author, producer, public speaker and former pro hockey player.

Ken reports breaking news, conducts celebrity interviews, delivers investigative reports and hosts a range of news segments for E! News, E! Online, E! International, E! News specials and the network’s live events.

Ken has published six books. His newest work is a novel due out in April 2014 titled “How I Got Skinny, Famous and Fell Madly in Love,” a story about an obese teen who is pressured by her family to go on a reality show to lose weight and, in so doing, learns the real meaning of freedom.

His debut novel, “Fangirl” (Running Press, 2012), told the story of a pop star who falls in love with a fan amid a sensational tabloid drama. Ken is adapting “Fangirl” into a movie in collaboration with Converge Media.

Ken is currently at work on a series of Hollywood-themed thrillers set for release in 2015.


Watch the Book Trailer


The Giveaway:
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  • A Personal 20 minutes Skype session OR phone call with Ken. 
  • 3 Copies of Fangirl and How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love
  • Lots of Swag 
  • Winner will receive an iPod Shuffle 
  • Win a chance for you and a guest to spend a day with Ken at work in Hollywood.

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Cassandra Clare: About Will & Jem

Oh Will and Jem! I think it's safe to say that these two are our favorite Cassie Clare characters, along with Magnus. Here's what Cassie recently said about Will and Jem. 

Dear Cassie,
Thanks again for your response to my question about Tessa! I originally wrote this the day after Heronstairs day, but with CoHF and TBC, I know you’ve been super busy! 
I have a question regarding two big players in the Shadowhunter ‘verse: Will and Jem. Yesterday a lot of people were posting about them due to the date (November 10th) and it got me thinking.
How are we as readers meant to interpret their relationship? After CP2, you posted about the relationships between  Tessa, Will, and Jem and said “At no point do Will and Jem discuss their need for a chaperon, lest they give in to irresistible temptation and sully the senses out of each other.”
Online, however, there is a lot of discussion about it in terms of a relationship including romantic love. They are talked about as the third love story of TID, the third side of the triangle. 
Platonic friendship is wonderful and I think their relationship is great no matter what, but I also think there is something inherently different though about how something “could be canon. the evidence is there” with a queer vs hetero relationship. (Harry and Hermione are probably the biggest example I can think of this, with huge numbers of people viewing it as friendship and a very large number seeing romantic love. Their relationship is meant to be seen as friendship, more like family. They even spell it out in the last book!) It’s more of a representation issue. If Harry and Hermione don’t have those feelings, there are still plenty of other straight couples in HP.
So, as Will and Jem, are your creations, what are your thoughts on all of this? Are readers meant to understand that Jem and Will are bi of some sort (romantic and or sexual)? Is it part of the goals of writing about a not typically portrayed love triangle? Are the love interests of the protagonist queer? How would you define their relationship? 
P.S. I really enjoy all of your posts regarding representation in fiction, as someone who isn’t straight.
 Hi! Thank you first for your kind words about my posts.
When you’re dealing with representation, and reader interpretation, you’re always dealing with tricky business. I incredibly appreciate the imagination of my readers. I also know my word is not the last word on what happens in my books: no book follows every moment in the lives of its characters. What happens in the liminal spaces — the time before Jem and Will met Tessa for instance — very much belongs to the reader.
I feel uncomfortable telling readers what they’re “meant to understand.” I want them to feel like their reads are valid. There are readings I disagree with (like that Will and Jem would have been better off if they’d never met Tessa, that Tessa doesn’t really love Will/doesn’t really love Jem, etc) but that doesn’t mean they’re not meaningful for the readers who interpret the story that way.
Jem and Will have an incredibly intense relationship. They also live in a time/place where friendships and relationships between men were romanticized, and were spoken of in incredibly romantic and flowery language. I think they often speak to and about each other in a way modern readers interpret as romantic because it sounds romantic. The Victorian Romantic Friendship Reader describes the era as a time when “when men could openly express an unashamed, unselfconscious, all-consuming love for members of their own sex.” Tennyson, as far as we know (okay, there’s some debate) was straight, but wrote a long elegy on the death of his friend Arthur Hallam in which he calls him “all I love,” “him I loved, and love / For ever,” and “my lost desire.” (The poem is “In Memoriam”, which shows up a lot, not coincidentally, in Clockwork Princess.)
Will and Jem definitely have a romantic friendship, and I do think the love triangle is a true triangle in the sense that Jem and Tessa love each other, Will and Tessa love each other, and Will and Jem love each other. Is their love canonically a sexual love? Here is where this is is a tricky issue because these are two distinct moral goods at play here.
 It’s very important to me that I not be given credit for representation that is not explicit in my books. I believe we are at a time when books can show characters who are not heterosexual, and those books can be published (though of course there are still many obstacles for diverse books and pressure on creators not to create diverse works, which makes it even more clear that we have a responsibility to do so.) Therefore queer coding, or later saying “Of course So-and-So was an LGBTQ character, or of course there are LGBTQ characters in my work but we never heard about them in the work and they never had any relationships and nothing would clue you in on their identity…” is not sufficient. There aregay couples in the Shadowhunters ‘verse where their sexuality is explicit on the page: there is no question with Magnus and Woolsey that they are bi and gay; there is no question in TMI about Alec and Magnus, or Aline and Helen, or any question in the Bane Chronicles that Magnus is bisexual and in relationships with men and women. That’s part of why I, along with Maureen and Sarah, wanted to write the Bane Chronicles so much—to have Magnus front and center. He deserves to be, and LGBTQ readers deserve such a protagonist. But I also think they deserve better than queer coding and hints at sexuality that isn’t hetero — that stuff should be on the page, and if it isn’t — if it’s your “headcanon” as a writer — then that’s great, but that isn’t per se representation.
 That said, I strongly believe readers should have the freedom to interpret works as they will, without a creator looking over their shoulders: There are liminal spaces in my books which are designed for readers’ imaginations to fill in. No two readers ever read quite the same book. I don’t want to take away any possible interpretations from readers: it would feel like robbing them of enjoyment I believe they should have and depriving my work of some layers. The author’s dead, and to an extent I want to be considered dead—as long as nobody comes and pops me off this mortal coil when I’m eating a yoghurt so they can enjoy my books more. I don’t ever want to get in the way of my readers enjoying my work the way they want to. 
So I hope you understand when I say: I can’t entirely answer that question. Do I mind Heronstairs? Not at all. I am totally 100% behind those who ship it. (Ship and let ship, I say.) Do I think Heronstairs makes total sense within the framework of the narrative of Infernal Devices? Yes, it does. Nothing contradicts it. Do I think Will and Jem are bisexualrepresentation? No, and I shouldn’t get any credit for them being so. Does that mean they’re not bi? No. Does that mean they are bi? No. It means you get to decide now. 
(Hopefully we can all agree they are adorable?) *referring to the picture above.

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The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa, Blog Tour: Author Interview & Giveaway

Welcome to today's tour stop for THE FOREVER SONG blog tour, celebrating the release of Julie Kagawa's The Forever Song. I'm so thrilled to have Julie on the blog today to talk about her newest release. First, here's a little bit about THE FOREVER SONG.

The Forever Song
Released: April 15th, 2014 by Harlequin Teen

Series: Blood Eden book #3 (final book)
Add it to Goodreads 

Allison Sekemoto once struggled with the question: human or monster?
With the death of her love, Zeke, she has her answer.
Allie will embrace her cold vampire side to hunt down and end Sarren, the psychopathic vampire who murdered Zeke. But the path is bloody and long, and Sarren has left many surprises for Allie and her companions—her creator, Kanin, and her blood brother, Jackal.
The trail is leading straight to the one place they must protect at any cost— the last vampire-free zone on Earth, Eden. And Sarren has one final, brutal shock in store for Allie. In a ruined world where no life is sacred and former allies can turn on you in one heartbeat, Allie will face her darkest days. And if she succeeds, triumph is short-lived in the face of surviving forever alone.
My Interview With Julie Kagawa

Hi Julie! Welcome back to Mundie Moms!! You know I have to ask, if BinBons was playing a character in your book, who would he play? *snickers* You know I can't not ask something that's BinBons related.

Lol, ah Binbons.  Er, Ben Barnes.  Well, he's my perfect Ash, as you know, but if he wanted to go a little dark, I think he'd make a pretty good Jackal, too.  What'dya think?

I love the title of your book. Can you tell us a little bit about the process for choosing a book title? Was it easy to come up with The Forever Song or was it a title that came to you after you finished writing the book?

After The Immortal Rules, we (the publishing house and I) knew we wanted to continue using titles with immortal or eternal in them.  The Eternity Cure came to me pretty easily, but I at first through the third book should be called The Forever Requiem.  But my publisher said the title was too long, and didn't have the flow of the other two, so we changed it to The Forever Song instead.

Allie has dealt with a lot in this series, especially in The Eternity Cure, and now in this book. What is something you've come to admire about Allie?

She never backs down from a fight, even if she's vastly outmatched.  And she stubbornly holds on to her humanity, even when it would be easier to let go and become a monster.

Which character has been the most fun for you to write/get to know?

Oh, that's easy.  Jackal has been a huge surprise and a lot of fun, both to write and to see reader's reactions to his snarkery.  (I'm making that a word.)   

You are the queen of ripping our hearts out. WHY do you torture us? Oh wait, sorry that wasn't my real question. lol How do you get yourself through writing the more emotional and challenging scenes?

I love writing dramatic scenes.  The harder and more painful, the better.  I love emotional writing, and if I can make readers feel the character's pain, I know I've done my job well.

Let's talk about the cover. I really like the cover for The Forever Song. Did you have a hand in the cover design? What was your initial reaction when you saw the finished cover?

I have very little say in the cover choices, but I do love the cover for The Forever Song.  I love the infinity sign made of birds, and the purple background, like a new day is rising. It's simple but perfect, and reflects the story well.

What's one of your favorite lines / quotes from The Forever Song?

Well, my very favorite would be a huge spoiler, so I'll go with a classic Jackal being Jackal.

"Hey, old man," Jackal called in a mocking voice, "you forgot to say 'if you kids don't stop I'm going to turn this car right around and then no one will go to Eden.'"

Can you tell us what you're working on next?

My next series is called the Talon Saga (book 1 is simply Talon), and it's about modern day dragons and their war with the Order of St. George.  

Find The Immortal Rules and The Eternity Cure

The Immortal Rules (Book 1):  Goodreads  | Amazon

Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a walled-in city.
By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten.
Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them—the vampires who keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself dies and becomes one of the monsters.
The Eternity Cure (Book 2) Goodreads | Amazon

How do you face the end of eternity?
In Allison Sekemoto's world, there is one rule left: Blood calls to blood.
She has done the unthinkable: died so that she might continue to live. Cast out of Eden and separated from the boy she dared to love, Allie will follow the call of blood to save her creator, Kanin, from the psychotic vampire Sarren. But when the trail leads to Allie's birthplace in New Covington, what Allie finds there will change the world forever - and possibly end human and vampire existence.

Watch the Book Trailer

About Julie Kagawa

Julie Kagawa was born in Sacramento, California. But nothing exciting really happened to her there. So, at the age of nine she and her family moved to Hawaii, which she soon discovered was inhabited by large carnivorous insects, colonies of house geckos and frequent hurricanes. She spent much of her time in the ocean, when she wasn’t getting chased out of it by reef sharks, jellyfish and the odd eel.
To pay the rent, Julie worked in different bookstores over the years, but discovered the managers frowned upon her reading the books she was supposed to be shelving. So she turned to her other passion: training animals. She worked as a professional dog trainer for several years, dodging Chihuahua bites and overly enthusiastic Labradors, until her first book sold and she stopped training to write full-time. 
Julie now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where the frequency of shark attacks are at an all-time low. She lives with her husband, two obnoxious cats, one Australian shepherd who is too smart for his own good and the latest addition, a hyperactive Papillon puppy.
Find Julie via: website |  blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

The Giveaway

Each tour stop is offering up the winner’s choice of either THE IMMORTAL RULES, THE ETERNITY CURE or THE FOREVER SONG- whichever book of the series you might be missing!

There are also 2 grand prizes:
  • 1 winner will get a complete set of Julie Kagawa’s books, including The Iron Fey Saga and The Blood of Eden Saga!
  • 1 winner will get a $100 gift card from either iTunes, Amazon or Barnes & Noble!
Please enter via the Rafflecopter form. Giveaway is open to US/Canada and ends May 2nd!

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Tour Schedule 

Monday, April 7th - Harlequin Paranormal Romance Blog
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Thursday, April 10st - Books and Things
Friday, April 11th - Ticket To Anywhere

Monday, April 14th - Two Chicks on Books
Tuesday, April 15th - Parajunkee
Wednesday, April 16th - Refracted Light Reviews
Thursday, April 17st - Bewitched Bookworms
Friday, April 18th - Mundie Moms

Monday, April 21th - A Book Obsession
Tuesday, April 22nd - The Book Cellar
Wednesday, April 23th - Supernatural Snark
Thursday, April 24st - The Busy Bibliophile
Friday, April 25th  - Tyngas Reviews

The Taking by Kimberly Derting; The Taking Excerpt Blog Tour

Hello and welcome to today's stop in THE TAKING excerpt tour. I'm so thrilled to share the next excerpt in the stop. First, here's a little bit about Kimberly Derting's upcoming release.

Author: Kimberly Derting
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: April 29, 2014

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer meetsThe Fifth Wave in this chilling and explosive new series. The last thing Kyra Agnew remembers is a flash of bright light. She awakes to discover that five whole years have passed. Everyone in her life has moved on—her parents divorced, her boyfriend is in college and dating her best friend—but Kyra's still the sixteen-year-old she was when she vanished. In order to find out the truth, she and her friend Tyler (the only person who seems to understand her since she got back, he also happens to be her ex-boyfriend's brother) the two of them decide to retrace her steps from that fateful night. They discover there are others who have been "taken," just like Kyra. Only, Kyra is the first person to have been returned past the forty-eight-hour taken mark. With a determined, secret government agency after her, Kyra desperately tries to find an explanation and reclaim the life she once had . . . but what if the life she wants back is not her own?

“Thank god,” I mumbled against his chest, the only place that felt safe. I no longer cared that I was still wearing my uniform, dirt and sweat stains making it rank. “Thank god you’re here. I’ve had the strangest morning. The strangest night. I have no idea what’s going on.”
The arms around me tightened, but only slightly, and then I heard his mother’s voice, so achingly well-known to me that tears brimmed in my eyes. “Tyler? Who is it? What’s going on?”
I hadn’t noticed Tyler, Austin’s kid brother, but it was a relief to know I was no longer alone, that I was surrounded by familiar faces when everything else was so out of whack.
I drew back from Austin so I could see his mom. “It’s just me,” I told her. “I just came over because—” I wasn’t sure how I’d planned on finishing my explanation, but I never had the chance.
Tamara Wahl dropped her coffee mug. The ceramic shards became projectiles as it shattered, sending pieces flying in every direction. Coffee pooled at her feet, but she just stood there, staring at me, her mouth gaping.
“Mom, it’s Kyra . . . ,” Austin said, and for the first time I realized that this was all wrong too. I looked down at the arms, still at my waist, and noticed the wiry hairs on them. They should have been flaxen, closer to blond than brown. Even the arms, the skin, seemed somewhat too pale, as if this version of Austin hadn’t just finished his annual lifeguard certification—something my Austin had most definitely done.
His voice, too, was not right. It was deep, yes, the timbre just shades away from Austin’s.
I was almost afraid to look at his face.
And that was when he caught me for the second time. The moment I realized that he wasn’t Austin at all; he never had been.
This was Tyler Wahl. Tyler, who looked far too much like his older brother—my seventeen-year-old boyfriend—in looks, in stature . . . and, most of all, in age.

Tyler, who, the last time I’d seen him just the day before, had been only twelve years old.

Be sure to check out the next excerpt at Fangirlish. If you missed the previous excerpts, you can read the first one here.

TWITTER CHAT!  Mark your calendars for Tuesday April 29th! We'll be chatting LIVE on Twitter with Kimberly. More details to come!

Looking to purchase a signed copy of THE TAKING?! Be sure to check out or call these stores:

#TMITuesday / Shadowhunter Fan Art

Happy Friday Shadowhunters! Here are some of the recent Shadowhunter Fan Art pieces Cassie has recently shared. Click on the highlighted post title to be taken directly to Cassie's posts.


For fun, one of Cassandra Jean’s postcards of scenes from City of Heavenly Fire. Above, Raphael, Magnus and Luke.

Heeeeyyy, can you tell us anything about Mark Blackthorn??? PLEASE? I feel like he’s going to be a sex god — kay-the-quinn
But why would you think that?

Joking aside, I feel we should revisit this question after City of Heavenly Fire. You’ll meet him in that, and can make up your mind accordingly!
Only a month and a half till CoHF. Very excited for you to meet the Blackthorns and rejoin Clary, Jace, Alec and the others for their last adventure.
*Picture by Cassandra Jean of course. Note the pointy ears! Mark is part-faerie, it’s one of the most interesting things about his story.

Latest Cassie Clare News

Hi Shadowhunters! Here are some of Cassie's recent posts, just in case you missed them.

"Well, you’ve heard this a lot but.. I LOVE your books! Your stories have changed my way of feeling things, every character (even the villains) made me see a little of me. Your mind is brilliant and I love you for sharing it with the world! I have a question for you. I’m a BIG fan of Tessa, Will and Jem. I wonder what year and how long Tess and Jem were together. If City of Bones is going in 2007, they got together in the 90s or in 2000? Because we see Brother Zachariah, so.. That’s it! Sorry for my bad english. Can’t wait to see you in Brazil! Much love <3 em="" hiclickhere=""> “
Well, the Clockwork Princess epilogue is dated in the book. 2008. So we know that that’s when Tessa and Jem got together, because we see it.
I’m pasting in the timeline for the series below, because the question of where the Clockwork Princess epilogue fits in is a popular one! There is no answer to how long Tessa and Jem “were together” because — they only just got together, so recently that they are not together as of City of Lost Souls or the beginning of City of Heavenly Fire. 
I had to redact a bunch of this ask’s spoilery bits but I think I managed — in essence, I’ve gotten a lot of asks about where the epilogue of Clockwork Princess fits into the timeline of TMI.
Here’s the basic timeline of the TMI books:
CoB: takes place in August 2007, the year the book was published.
CoA: begins in very early September 2007-  a few days to a week after CoB ends. 
CoG: begins in September, about 1 week after CoA ends. The whole book takes place in 1.5-2 weeks. It is mentioned that the leaves on trees are beginning to turn fall colors.
CoFA: begins in Mid-October (Halloween decorations are up, Simon mentions the month) and ends around the third or fourth week of October. In CoFA, it is also mentioned that Clary has been training to fight demons for 7 weeks.
CoLS: The prologue is set in late October. The first chapter begins two weeks later, in the 2nd week of November.
October had 5 weeks in 2007. Here’s a link to a 2007 calendar:
The Clockwork Princess prologue takes place in 2008.
We don’t know when in 2008, but we do know enough to know it takes place after the events of City of Lost Souls. It is either during or after the events of City of Heavenly Fire
As for Bro Z, he appears in City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls. It is explained in City of Fallen Angels that he was among the few Silent Brothers who was not in the Silent City when Valentine attacked, and therefore survived.
So yes, basically, the epilogue of Clockwork Princess takes place in the future of the characters in City of Lost Souls. You can search it for clues about Heavenly Fire if you want. :)


 Cassandra Clare’s ‘City of Bones’ read by ‘Parenthood’s Mae Whitman — EXCLUSIVE | »
City of Heavenly Fire, the final book in The Mortal Instruments series, comes out in only six weeks on May 27, 2014. That means you have six weeks left to revel in the saga of Clary and her golden boy Jace and her dark angel brother Sebastian and the most loveable dork/vampire Simon and the man-eating, demon-killer Isabelle and poor, lovesick Alec. After this, guys, it’s finito.
As we roll up to the final book, Simon & Shuster is releasing a new edition audiobook for City of Bones, which will be narrated by Mae Whitman, who plays Amber Holt on Parenthood
The last installment of The Bane Chronicles, The Course of True Love (And First Dates)was published as an e-book on March 18th and Simon & Shuster has just finished the audio version narrated by Gareth David-Lloyd. David-Lloyd starred in the Dr. Who spin-off Torchwood
Whee, Mae Whitman — as I announced earlier this week - and we were thrilled to get Gareth David-Lloyd, who played Ianto on Torchwood to read the last installment of Bane. Gareth has a gorgeous voice, and Jack and Ianto on Torchwood (pictured above!) were a seminal example of queer representation in pop culture science fiction and fantasy. After such a great lineup of readers, this is a terrific note to go out on — hope you guys are as happy as we are!


"You’re not Will" (click the title to be taken to Cassie's post)
Hi, Cassie! So, it has been more than a year since the release of CP2 and I still didn’t get over it. I feel both happy and depressed when I think about this series. And I know that we will still see the characters in TLH, but it will not be the same, because it will be in their children points of view. So, I was wondering… you have written many extra scenes for TMI, and scenes from different characters POVs (like Jace’s, when it was Clary’s POV in the book). Are you planning on sharing with us any more scenes like that from TID? I wouldn’t mind at all a POV of Jem’s, specially that scene from the CP2 epilogue ♥ Thank you so much, and I’m super excited for CoHF and your coming to Brazil! — fairchild-gray-fray
I’ve never written the scene on the bridge from Jem’s point of view because Jem knows way too much about what happens in City of Heavenly Fire. It would, bizarrely, be spoilery for TMI. So maybe TMI is done; we’ll see. 
If you want to read Jem’s POV on the bedroom scene with Tessa in Clockwork Prince, though, I wrote that. It’s called An Offering of Moonlight. I’ll paste it in, though many of you may have read it before — it’s not new. Under the cut, from the chapter “Fierce Midnight” in CP. There’s also “Burning Bright" which is Jem’s perspective on meeting Tessa for the first time.*
*And now  I noticed the first thing Jem ever says to Tessa is “You’re not Will.” Huh.
** Ooh, Cassandra Jean gave me a Jessa scrap the other day. Now I get to use my scrap!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo, Blog Tour Announcement

I am so excited about the announcement Leigh Bardugo made today about the upcoming RUIN and RISING blog tour! I'm even more excited about my June 14th stop! Here's what Leigh announced:

BLOG TOUR! We’re doing something a little different this time, so prepare for exclusive giveaways and themed Q&As that will take you so deep into the world of the Grisha Trilogy you’ll never be heard from again! Or something less sinister. 
June 7th »> Novel Sounds: Q&A - Music of the Trilogy
June 8th »> Dark Readers: Surprise Giveaway!
June 9th »> Midnight Garden: Q&A - Food & Drink of the Trilogy
June 10th »> Forever Young Adult: Surprise Giveaway!
June 11th »> Sister Spooky: Q&A - Places of the Trilogy
June 12th »> Bewitched Bookworms: Surprise Giveaway!
June 13th »> Jess Hearts Books: Surprise Giveaway!
June 14th »> Mundie Moms: Q&A - Men of the Trilogy
June 15th »> Winged Reviews: Surprise Giveaway!
June 16th »> Cuddlebuggery: Q&A - Women of the Trilogy
June 17th »> Mac Teen Books: Q&A - Insiders Ask

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#TMITuesday: 3 Secrets about #COHF

Yesterday Cassie treated fans to her 2nd #TMITuesday post. 
This week's post features three secrets. Here's what Cassie shared:

It’s #TMITuesday and I’m sharing 3 secrets about #COHF!
Find out how you can get exclusive access to them here:
And remember, these are secrets … so keep them to yourself Shadowhunters! 
(Basically, you have to tweet, tumblr or email the link, and that’ll unlock a video of me blathering - and reading a bit from CoHF!)